March 19, 2015

I Have Reservations

Hey ya'll! I know there's been tumbleweeds blowin' around this blog lately. I've been working on all kinds of new stuff and going through a lot of old stuff. I realized I had content that had either not been seen, had too much of, wanted to share but not through the blog, etc. So I decided to put some of it together in a little zine-like publication called I Have Reservations. This round I only used my own content, but in the next one I'd like to include works form art friends and such. 

The main goal of this zine was to try and purge some of my older stuff and possibly give people a larger peak into my crazy art brain, but I have a secondary goal as well. I'll be selling these online in hopes of making a few extra bucks to put toward new art work and upcoming art-related travels. 

So here's the deal! You can check out what's inside the zine by clicking here.

If you like what you see and have an extra $10 to shell out, snag one here. 
Free hug, high-five and life-time of appreciation with every purchase!

 photo jillian_zps989fd8cc.jpeg

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