December 13, 2014

The Bird's Nest

Hey strangers! Been awhile, I know. Things have been crazy, and working on Bird and Bear has taken up most of my blogging time! 
But I had to share more of The Bird's Nest as it slowly transforms into my ideal space. I found treasures today at Weird Stuff antiques. Two adorned bull horns, one for me and one for Bear. A vintage toy Indian drum, and a beautifully battered Tennyson book. I also added a pillow nook to the nest! So now I can curl up and read books in a space I've wanted to have since childhood!
Good stuff, Cotton. Hope all is well with ya'll. I'll leave you with a poem from my newest old book.
"I climb the hill : from end to end
Of all the landscape underneath,
I find no place that does not breathe
Some gracious memory of my friend;
No gray old grange, or lonely fold
Or low morass and whispering reed,
Or simple stile from mead to mead,
Or sheepwalk up the windy road;
But each has pleased the kindred eye,
And each reflects a kindlier day;
And, leaving these, to pass away,
I think once more he seems to die."
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