December 19, 2014

District You

I have been friends and co-workers with Carl for over 2 years now. He's a free-thinker, a promoter, and an action-taker. What might seem like fevered ramblings to some, are the passionate urges to support and promote his community to those that know him better. He's been working on District You/MRW ever since I met him and I'm happy to share with you a little bit about what District You is all about!
From the District You webstite...
Transcending everyday challenges. 
Inside your mind, body, & spirit, you’ll find the most complete, practical & personalized 'game plan' of them all. 
MY REGION WINS! was created in 2013, with one main goal in mind — to habilitate your game plan.   
Meet with conceptual specialist, essential consultants, & liaison agents all to provide assistance when & where it may be needed.
For it's the journey in which true happiness is found.
The goal is to find out what drives you. What are you passionate about? Once that is discovered focus turns to taking the next (sometimes first) step. Everything revolves around accomplishments, at YOUR own pace.  To help achieve YOUR ultimate goal. 
When the time comes MRW! is here.
Receive help with...
•Esteem & self-actualization. 
•Breaking through creative road blocks. 
•Setting goals & expectations that are reachable. 
•Staying focused, on track, & meeting deadlines.
•Turning ideas into reality.​ 
•Basic needs. 
"Your voice is powerful, your understanding gives strength, & your care provides the needed light to continue on. "  
- Founder Carl Stafford.

Please also take a moment and check out the MRW Indiegogo that would allow MRW to become tax exempt, which would allow this non-profit to obtain many of the vacant properties (buildings, lots, & houses) within the region, riding the communities & districts of the blighted areas.  Turning these properties into resourceful facilities such as libraries, museums, workshops, computer labs, sound stages, & more.

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