October 04, 2014


 I will be the first to admit, I am a very emotional person. I'm a romantic, I am sensitive to a fault. I'm the kind of person that cries over ASPCA commercials. It's pathetic really, but I have no shame in admitting to who I am.  But, having that type of personality makes rough things a lot harder to process. Life has been some kind of outer space roller coaster for me for the passed several weeks. On a daily basis, I go from feeling confident, wonderful, strong, to weak, sad, helpless. I've never dealt with feeling so many emotions in a day in my whole life. The stupid things that you miss about a relationship are what make it worse. It's never the huge moments that you replay in your head. It's the little things like stupid inside jokes, hugging his back while we are cooking together, watching him stress over little details on his artwork, stuff that no one sees on your instagram feed, because it's only for you. 

But slowly, I'm adapting. I'll figure it out eventually. Who knew heartbreak was so hard!?

On a more positive note, I got some great news recently about a pretty amazing speaking event, I'm working on new art, new writing and improving myself, so my plan is to shift as much focus as I can on the good stuff happening in the near future and away from all of this nonsense. 
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