October 19, 2014

A Tribute to my Favorite Leggings

This is absolutely the silliest DIY I've ever posted on my blog, but it had to be done, and so to add to the ridiculousness of the whole thing, I will make it as dramatic as possible.

I woke up one morning. A cool breeze was brushing my face from the crack in my window. I looked outside to appreciate the beautiful trees and their slowly changing colors. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it yet and once I did I was giddy. "It's Fall! I can wear leggings again!". I joyfully leapt from my bed like a kid on Christmas morning. I ran to my dresser and pulled out my favorite leggings twirling in a circle and clinging them close to my heart. I happily hopped into them one leg at a time, but once they were on, I felt a strange coldness on the back of my left leg. I looked in the mirror with horror! They were ripped! The biggest hole you could imagine a pair of leggings having. I was devastated, distraught, and lacking all hope.
They were gone. 
I mourned them for days until I finally decided to give them a proper tribute.
You will be missed, Leggings. I will find new leggings, but you will never be replaced.  

Ok, so that is the dramatized version of the story. In reality, I just really loved the print on the leggings and decided to turn them into a wall hanging by stretching them over a frame! 
Happy DIY-ing my friends!

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