October 21, 2014

A Fool For You

So I talked to a friend recently and she said something to me that put my entire idea on being heart broken into perspective. In my adult life, I've never been broken up with. It's an entirely new experience for me, which is why it's been so difficult for me to navigate. But I've forced myself to feel every excruciating moment of it. 

But tonight she told me that no matter how badly it hurts, it's something that everyone should have to go through, like a rite of passage. And that is something I hadn't really thought about until she brought it up. I've always prided myself on taking bad situations and learning from them, rather than letting them defeat me. And so tonight I feel better than I have in weeks. I'm actually excited at the prospect of tackling a new challenge; a new opportunity to experience and learn new things. Doesn't mean I won't still get sad, but it did flip a switch for me. 

And now instead of fighting it, I've fully accepted the cliche breakup rituals of the human female: Listening to breakup music, and doing whatever the hell I want, because I can. It's pretty empowering, actually...

So, here is the playlist I've created for myself...check it out if you need a little heart mendin'.

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