August 19, 2014


Outfit - Top and Skirt - Thrifted, Necklace - Gifted, Shoes - Target

You gotta love when you find nearly an entire outfit (adorable and fits well? Hardly ever) at a thrift for less than $5. And I've already worn this skirt multiples times since I bought it. Over the past 6 months my finances have gone from bad to worse, to better to questionable. Relying on freelance as part of my essential income can often make the most ordinary things a struggle. And it's hard to feel okay with buying yourself something somewhat arbitrary like new clothes. But every now and then, you have got give yourself some leeway with that $5, stop feeling guilty and buy yourself something just because. 
Thrift stores have been my saving grace this Summer. Without them, I might be cutting the sleeves off of all my sweaters!

Alright, time to spend my evening working, working! Got any suggestions for some awesome coffee recipes? I could use a boost.
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