July 21, 2014

Fire Pits and Fringe

Outfit: Shorts - H&M, Top - Forever 21, Vest - Thrifted, Bracelet - DIY

I love today's outfit post, because it consists of one of my favorite items of clothing and one of my favorite spaces. I have worn this fringe vest so much....I can't get enough of it! And (to me, at least) it goes with anything and everything. But then again, all forms of fringe are my friend. 
And since moving into this apartment this past Winter, the backyard has become of my favorite little hideaways. Brandon and I have planted our garden, built a fire pit and a makeshift outdoor table. We have had nights sitting by the fire, listening to crickets, and sat on my balcony watching the trees blow in the breeze. It's pretty wonderful, especially considering I'm so broke it's the only place I really have to go! But at least I have a place.

Ok, now...I know I've been more quiet than a cat in pounce mode around here, but now that my show is coming to a close and I will have a little free time again, so get ready for Blog Post River to flow a little more steadily.
Also, if you are an artist, maker, or fashion-minded lady or lass, I'd love to feature you! 
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