June 23, 2014

"My Year with Them" - A solo exhibition by Mark Allen

My good friend Mark Allen is having a solo show in August! Having a solo show is so expensive and so he is raising funds through Indiegogo to help cover the costs. Check out the link, more info below and the promo video!

MY YEAR WITH THEM is an alternative photography exhibition by MARK ALLEN that weaves a narrative of four characters told through one muse, KAT VON RICH.

    This exhibition is a crucial step in my professional career. MY YEAR WITH THEM is the most ambitious of my shows to date, and is pivotal to advancing in my personal art practice. One of the first self-produced solo exhibitions since my graduation, I have been spending my whole year planning various elements of display: experimenting with techniques, shooting every week, and curating my personal archive of images.
          This exhibition, if executed properly, can have the potential to travel to other galleries in Los Angeles, New York, and other cities domestic and foreign. As I plan to receive my MFA in the near future, it also can make for a very persuasive entrance portfolio.
          Donations help expedite success by covering costs associated with production that would normally eat away at my savings. I love producing beautiful and exciting shows that creates a emotive experience for the viewer, and ask that you help me in this vision.

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