February 06, 2014

The Do's and Don't of Social Media

I read an article recently that made me very sad and really got me thinking. 
It's a story about a young artist named Lindsay Bottos. She has a tumblr account and was posting art as well as selfies for quite some time. You can read the whole story here.
But the short story is...Lindsay received several terrible, nasty, hurtful messages from anonymous people insulting her appearance, and her art. She started an art project where she took those messages and posted them on photos of herself. I was really moved by the story, because she talks about 
self-image in social media. Here's a quote...
People say selfies are a cry for help or a cry for attention, but wanting attention isn’t bad. The act of women taking selfies is inherently feminist, especially in a society that tries so hard to tell women that our bodies are projects to be worked on and a society that profits off of the insecurities that it perpetuates. Selfies are like a ‘fuck you’ to all of that, they declare that ‘hey I look awesome today and I want to share that with everyone’ and that’s pretty revolutionary.

I thought about this for awhile and and it really stuck with me. I've been guilty of the occasional selfie, and being a blogger, I post images of myself all of the time. It's strange to me that I get positive feedback from blog posts with me posing in outfits, but people that post selfies just seem to enrage people. 

Then over the past week or so I've seen articles like this plastered to Facebook and other websites...

6 Things People Need to STOP Bragging About on Facebook
24 Announcements You Should Never Make on Facebook
The Worst Things You Can Do on Instagram

And multitudes of others. And while some of these are obviously written in jest, there seems to be a ridiculous amount of rules as to how we should use our social media. It's seems that practically everything you could ever want to post about is off-limits.

All of these social outlets are there for you to use in the way you see fit. Yes, I have about 20 friends that are new moms at the moment. And yes, it can be exhausting to scroll through baby photo after baby photo, but who am I to take away a mothers excitement about her new baby? I love my cats and I'm sure people get real darn tired of seeing those furry little monsters day after day, but that's what we do with social media. We post and talk about the things that are important to us, even if they're not important to your entire friends list or follower base. 

So people, here are your do's of social media

DO: Post whatever the eff you feel like posting, whether that be a selfie, a photo of the flowers you just received from your significant other, the 7th pic of your dog that day, a political rant, a picture of your food, whatever. That's what it's there for. If you don't like what people post, you can stop following them, easy as that.

DON'T: Tell other people how use their social media. And DON'T be a bully.
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