December 16, 2013

The Day is Coming

2014 is coming up quick. And I hadn't at all thought about a resolution, partly because part of me always thinks they're a little silly, but mostly because this season already seems to be flying by. But it didn't take me long to decide on a resolution this year once I actually thought about it.
I've felt lately like I haven't been standing up for myself in a lot of situations. There have been several occasions lately where I have looked back and realized
"Wow, I just got screwed big time!" And then I feel a little dumb, and too nervous to speak my peace about it. But I've decided that I need to grow a back-bone. I can't allow myself to be walked on anymore.
Sorry for the slight rant, readers, but this more of a cautionary tale. Don't be like me! Stick up for yourself; be your own advocate! 

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The Day Is Coming by My Morning Jacket on Grooveshark

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