October 07, 2013

Bird Shirts and Floral Pants

So I'm finally ready to start making Youngbird art t-shirts, but before I started doing mass printing, I thought I'd put one up for sale, just to see what response I'd get. This shirt was made with a simple print-making process using a relief. My other shirts will be screen-printed, so if you're wanting a one-of-a-kind Youngbird shirt that no one else will have, nows your chance! This shirt is up in my shop for only $15.00! Snatch it up while you can! If you're waiting for some screen printed shirts to go up, don't worry, you won't have to wait long. I'm so looking forward to putting my designs on some apparel, and I really hope you guys are as well! Thanks as always for your support!

*Update: The shirt went fast! It's no longer for sale in the Etsy shop, but I still have prints and new screen-printed shirts will be up for sale very soon! Thanks again, guys!

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