September 03, 2013

Hand-Stamped Business Cards

I was invited to be part of an art show next month. Now, I already have business cards, but they're geared more towards this blog, and I wanted something just for my art. Sure, I could have just ordered some and be done with it, but I wanted something a little more personal and my motto has always been
Why buy, when you can DIY?
I got the supplies for these cards for under $10 at Hobby Lobby and it only took me about an hour to finish them. 
You can either get individual letter stamps, or you can make your own using an X-acto knife and an eraser. I used a mix of both. For my name, I used pre-made letter stamps, and for the arrow I used on half of them, I created the stamp by hand.
I like the simple nature of these cards and find them to be much more attractive than cards that have an excessive amount of information on them. What do you think? Would you make your own business cards?
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