August 01, 2013

Photography 2

Here's some more of those layered photos I promised awhile back! It feels like the moment I post about one art project, I'm already on to the next and as far as posting these ideas to blog goes, I can't keep up! I guess maybe that's not a bad problem to have. I savor the times when my art juices are flowing at max speed, but it does get my brain a little jumbled. I'll try to be a little more organized with that sort of thing in the future and I have a lot more art projects to share with you very soon. 

Again, I'm sorry for neglecting the DIY's a little bit lately, but once I start arting, it's hard to stop until the momentum subsides naturally. Hopefully, I'll be bringing you some good DIY's soonly!

Hope you guys are having a fantastic Thursday and are gearing up for a great weekend!

 photo jillian_zps989fd8cc.jpeg
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  1. I love these photos, they look great!

  2. Awesome! Did you do these in camera? They reminded me of Diana photos for a lil bit. :) Beautiful!


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