August 08, 2013

Forever 21 Inspired Headband

(That third photo down was totally an outtake, but I decided to add it anyway, because honestly, I make this face a lot in my normal life)

I walked into Forever 21 recently and almost bought a headband similar to this. Then I realized I had ribbon at home almost just like it. And I had studs as well. 
All you need for this project is ribbon with a pattern you like, elastic, sewing needle and thread, studs and pliers. 
Measure out the distances you want between your studs, push them through the ribbon and use your pliers to attach them. Once you have all of your studs on, measure out how much elastic you want and sew each end of the elastic to the each end of the ribbon. Simple as that! I accidentally made this one a little too tight, but with it being so easy, I plan to make a few more with differently patterned ribbon.
It's rainy and gloomy around here in Kansas City today, which I honestly don't mind. Although, I will need copious amounts of coffee this morning. I hope you guys have a wonderful Thursday!
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