July 12, 2013

Bull Skull Dress DIY

A DIY that includes a bull skull. Me? Really? Weird, huh?
I got this jersey knit dress online for 10 bucks with every intention of spicin' it up a bit.
Things you'll need:
Cardboard, or a sturdy paper to make a stencil
Spray fabric dye
Box knife, or X-acto knife
This is such an easy DIY and I'm pretty in love with how it turned out. All you need to do is draw out your stencil and cut it out carefully with your knife. Be sure to place another piece of cardboard on the inside of the dress to make sure it doesn't stain the back. Hold the stencil on the fabric firmly and spray on your dye. To get a tie-dye effect like mine, spray heavier on random areas and lighter on others. Keep the cardboard on the inside of the dress until the dye is completely dry. Follow washing instruction on the dye you purchase.
I have a feeling this dress is going to be worn out by the end of the Summer!
 photo jillian_zps989fd8cc.jpeg

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