June 30, 2013

Tribal Trimmed Crop Top DIY

Summer is here and I've been wearing a lot of crop tops lately. I've had this plain gray one for years now and thought I might spruce it up a little. 
Here's what you need for this DIY:
Crop top
Tribal (or pattern of your choice) ribbon
Needle + Thread, or sewing machine

Measure out the amount of ribbon you will need; I left a little extra so that I could fold it over at the end and sew that down so that it wouldn't fray. Sew to your top on the top of the ribbon and the bottom. And that's pretty much it! Even if you don't have a crop top, if you have an old shirt you wanted to trim, or a top you wanted to make into a crop top and then trim, this is such an easy way.

What kind of clothing revamps are you currently working on?

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  1. Oh, I love this! I might just have to try this. x



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