June 27, 2013

Strong Like an Oak Tree

Outfit: Dress - Forever 21, Necklace  - Handmade

Ugh, this dress! I'm in love with it. I felt like some sort of forest nymph taking these photos.

It's been a busy and productive week, my friends. I've worked on a lot of art and made a lot of plans for the Summer. 
I've also felt a little crazy. Do you ever just get a feeling that you need to do something ridiculous and impulsive? Like getting in your car and just driving in some direction until you find something amazing. And it seems that when I get one of these wild hairs,  it doesn't go away until I satisfy it. So something a tad outrageous and impulsive is certainly in my near future.

But that impulsive day will not be today, because I'm fighting a little bit of a Summer cold.
I hope you guys are having a fantastic Thursday!

 photo jillian_zps989fd8cc.jpeg

Oak Tree by Desert Noises on Grooveshark


  1. So pretty! The dress, the location, everything! And you totally look like a wood nymph in these pics.


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