June 01, 2013


Today I'm bringing you a few of my favorite items from my newest sponsor for June, Lydali.com.

First off, here's a little bit about them...

Lydali is a collection of products inspired by the beauty found in remote areas of the globe. The talent of individual craftsmen in Costa Rica. The vibrant hustle and bustle of a busy marketplace in Nairobi. The sounds of a loom as a woman in Indonesia works with great care on handwoven goods.
Lydia Harter and Ali Price met near the end of their time at Wake Forest University, and they immediately found in each other kindred spirits. A few years after finishing school, Ali and Lydia both made their ways to San Francisco for different jobs.
When Ali returned from a trip to Indonesia with a vision for an online store that sold beautiful one-of-a-kind goods and connected the customers with the artisans who made the products, she went straight to Lydia, who signed onto the idea immediately. Together, they built a curated collection of high quality goods from all over the globe, and now, Lydali invites you to explore a whole world of design. 
The beautiful goods on their site have me drooling and here's the best news! 
Until June 9th, if you use the coupon code EPICTHREAD15 you will receive 15% off of your purchase!
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