June 06, 2013

All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands

Trees are probably one of my favorite things on planet. I love living in the city, but if I don't get a little tree fix every few days or so, I start to get a little crazy. I went on a spontaneous photo adventure with a friend recently. I had no clue where we were, and somehow, after exploring some dirt roads, we ended up in Atchison, KS. which is about an hour from where I live. 

The first image is one of my favorite layering photos I've ever done. I love juxtaposition and combining those trees with the city scape I also adore is a good combination for me. This image is one of the few "double exposure" pieces that I plan to print and hopefully show at some point...

Hope you are all having a fantastic Thursday!

 photo jillian_zps989fd8cc.jpeg
All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands by Sufjan Stevens on Grooveshark


  1. The top picture is sooo cool!


  2. I agree - that top pic is fab
    I love the vastness of the sky in the second too

  3. They both look wonderful! I am very impressed.

  4. The first pic is pretty cool with the trees opposite of the city landscape. But I really like the second pic, I really love black and white photos. Have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  5. amazing photos =) thank u for your comment of my blog

  6. LOVE that first photo... completely amazing!


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