May 21, 2013

Mixed Up

Projects, projects, projects!
I feel very inspired lately, and spurts like this only last for a short while, before they fall into some sort of inspiration-sucking vortex. So every time I get in this mode, I have to take advantage of every moment. I feel sorta guilty that I haven't posted as many DIY's as I normally do, but all of my focus has been on making art lately. So bare with me for a bit, I promise the DIY's will return soon enough!

 photo jillian_zps989fd8cc.jpeg
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  1. Love what you got going on so far! :)

  2. These pictures are really cool! Can't wait to see some diys :))

  3. Beautiful photos. Never do what you think others want you to - do what you want to and others will follow :)

  4. These photos are rad! Love the one of the walking legs over the bridge.

  5. The photos are way beyond cool. I really love the one with the bridge. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  6. love these beautiful pictures! the overlay is so fun!


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