April 02, 2013

Leather Phone Case DIY

I finally bought a brand spankin' new phone. The last phone I had was from 2007 and I bought it on Ebay. So I wasn't so hip to new technology. I was also really paranoid I was going to drop it and destroy is as soon as I got it, or it would get scratched up in my purse. So I made myself a case from some scrap leather. All you need is some scrap leather and some sewing equipment. Measure the leather to the phone and sew that puppy up. Done!

In other news, today was such a fun day at work! For those that might not know, I work at an art studio that supports artists with developmental disabilities and today was the 1 year anniversary of the opening. We had a dance party, open mic, face painting, and all the artist got to put makeup on the male staff. My cheeks hurt I have been laughing so hard all day.

I hope you all had a wonderful day as well! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. super cute DIY project! congrats on the new phone



  2. what a cute case! i love it!


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