March 06, 2013

Pearl-Tipped Collar DIY

I've seen these cute tipped collar tops all over the place lately and realizing that I have a bunch of plain collared tops, and an abundance of beads and pearls in my house, I decided to make a few of my own. And it's beyond easy.
For this simple DIY, all you need is a shirt with a collar in need of a revamp, some needle and thread and some pearls, or you could use beads. It's pretty self explanatory what you do after that. Just sew on your pearls and wear it with a cute outfit! 
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  1. Interesting idea! I love pearly collars :) It's a shame that I'm so terrible at sewing though... xx

  2. LOVE this! This is one of my favorite recent trends to emerge out of the fashion world, and so smart to do it yourself!

    I'm responding to the comment you left on my latest blog post ( because your email isn't linked to your blogger account - you show up in my inbox as "" so I couldn't email-reply to you. You can fix it by following the steps listed here: :)

    About my hair - the way I edited my pictures makes my hair's color more exaggerated than it actually is, but it does still have a bit of an ombre appearance to it, which is the result of a few home-dye mishaps. ;p I'm happy to know it looks like a professional did it! Haha! I dyed it a medium brown in August, and tried to do it again in October or so, but it was so dark that it was pretty much black. Luckily I had some unused hair bleach stashed away, and that got rid of most of the black. After that, I dyed it again to a reasonable brown. The middle of my hair is auburn, and the ends are a bit red when the sun hits it; underneath in the back there are still some dark blonde/orange spots left from the bleach.

    Crazy, I know! I'm FINALLY going to dye it ONE color (red) as soon as I get a chance this weekend. Looking forward so much to having one-toned hair!

  3. I'm seriously obsessed with collar tips right now. Love this.
    The Nautical Owl

  4. Oh wow, this is such a lovely idea!

  5. So cool. I really like it. x

    <3 Melissa

  6. I like your blog! Great collar tips I see them everywhere and love them too....the "tree painting" that's pen and ink and watercolor ;) xoxo

  7. Wow! This turned out great :)

    Just started following, I'd love it if you followed back :)

  8. It is so lovely and cool! Awesome work lady!!!

  9. Love this DIY & your necklace is gorgeous!

    meg (

  10. I love your blouse and it even looks cuter with the pearls!
    Great and quick to do DIY!



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