March 05, 2013

Art With Honesty

There are times when I find myself making art and I'm just not feeling it. It looks good, it's just not right. And I realize that I am making something for other people. Something I know other people will look at and say to themselves, "That looks cool." or "That is pretty", but my main goal in life isn't to make art that is cool or pretty. It's to make art that is an expression of myself. And to make anything but that is dishonest. So I made myself this poster to print out and hang in my art room to remind me to 
Art With Honesty.

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 photo jillian_zps989fd8cc.jpeg
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  1. What a wonderful idea. And something that I am working towards with my artwork. One of my goals for March is to make two original wood burning pieces. Which is way more rewarding than the cookie cutter movie stuff I've been putting out.

    I'm starting my second idea tomorrow!
    Thanks for all of your posts. You always inspire me, lady!

    The Nautical Owl

  2. I love this. Such a genuine and inspiring post.

    <3 Melissa

  3. I could not have agreed more with this post. I feel like I've been doing this a lot lately... I need to remember to just stay true and express myself. Art is just so much better that way, anyway, right?!

    Thank you for coming by my page. I absolutely adore your blog and happy to be following!


  4. Thank you for this reminder. I feel as though I have fallen into that rut recently as well. I need to go back to what I truly love to do instead of trying to please others.


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