February 26, 2013

Wedding Card Album

I'd been meaning to make this for the longest time, but I just now got around to it. I had the cards we received at our wedding in a box, but I wanted something to keep them in that was a little more permanent. So I made this little album that we could keep all the cards in, to look at later! I used felt for the cover, leather for the letters and the heart and a crocheted flower that was in one of my centerpieces at the wedding. 
I started by punching holes in each of the cards, lining them up as I went. I then used a fabric hole punch to put holes in the felt. I used fabric glue for the letters and the flower on the front and then leather strip to bind the album together. I chose purple on purple, because different shades of purple were our wedding colors. 
I think it turned out quite nice and it's a good way to store your cards without them getting ruined.
Any one else come up with a creative way to store your cards? What was your idea?

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I'm getting married this summer and I hadn't even considered what to do with all of the cards. I'll keep this in mind. :)


  2. oh gosh, this is darling! i would love to do something like this for an anniversary with my boyfriend.

    lindsey louise


  3. Cute!
    And your blog design is so pretty! :D

    Maybe you want to check out my blog and we can follow each other?
    Let me know ^^

    - xo Supernat

  4. Aww this is a lovely idea, we don't do anything special with our cards, just keep them in a box somewhere. Although we like to reuse old Christmas cards as labels for next Christmas :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I really love your blog, it's so pretty and arty. I'm now following you :)

  5. What a great idea! I love it!


  6. Our wedding cards are stuffed in a gift bag somewhere, and this would be the perfect way to store them. Thanks for this post!
    Saara x

  7. So cute! Following <3 Alex


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