February 23, 2013

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For this DIY, you need some cardboard, an exacto knife and either spray dye, or Tumble Dye, which you can find at any craft store. Draw out your stencil and cut carefully with an exacto knife. Place your stencil on your top and spray the dye over the stencil. Follow the drying instructions for whatever dye you use. Easy! I want to make more of these and try to get them a little more precise. I like the way this one turned out for my first, though. Has anyone else tried the spray dyes? What was your experience?
Oh, and we have a couple of winners from the contest! Miranda, you have won the cuff and the Large ad spot! And Fugeecat, you have won the medium ad spot! Ladies, please email me at epicthreadkc@yahoo.com as soon as you can! Also, to anyone else who entered the contest, if you want an add spot, you will receive 20% off!

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  1. Wow this is awesome! I might have to try this myself (as soon as the weather warms up...im so messy it would have to be done outside)

    Really nice blog you have here :) x



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