January 08, 2013

Use Your Old Candles To Make A New One

I was getting really tired of having a bunch of candle wax that couldn't be used, because the wick was too low. I had them all over my house. But I realized there is an easy way to use the rest. No more wasting candles!
All you need to get is an empty glass container and a long candle. You also need a blow dryer.
Break up one of your old candles and put some of the shards on the bottom, then blow dry it until it is soft enough to stick your long candle in. Cut your long candle to fit your container and then place it in and let it dry a little so that the candle long candle doesn't move. Then break up the rest of you candles and throw them in around the long one. Blow dry it for a second to let the all the pieces melt together a bit. Once you light it they'll melt together completely.
Another nice thing about this is that since you are throwing in different candle pieces, the scents will change as your new candle burns. 
Hope your day is just as lovely as can be!
xoxo - Jillian

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  1. Amazing idea!

  2. I never thought about that! I'm not much of a candle person, so I don't have left over candles to use :-/. I shouted you out on the blog today!


  3. This looks really neat! Hopefully some of the scents don't clash hehe

    <3 Melissa

  4. That's a really cool idea. Looks cute too! :) x


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