January 05, 2013

NYE Hair

I don't usually post hair styles, because I'm usually too lazy to do much to my hair. Most of the time, the most I do is curl it. But for New Years Eve, I actually did a little up-do and it didn't turn out half bad, so I figured I'd share. It was really easy, too. I just did a braid around the crown, and then bobby-pinned the rest messily in the back. I added a gold band and a silver snowflake hair piece to finish it off.
I actually didn't end up getting to go anywhere for NYE, though, because the roads had turned to ice, by the time we were ready to leave. So instead, my husband and I stayed in, had a few drinks and played Rummy. It was a good NYE, regardless!
Hope you guys are having a great Saturday!
xoxo - Jillian

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