December 02, 2012


Outfit details: Sweater - Forever 21, Jeans- Gap, Boots - Target

This week should be interesting. I decided about a week ago that I wanted to do a vegan week. I've been trying different diets lately, not because I am trying to lose weight, but I just have felt awful after  almost every meal. None of them were really helping, so I decided to go all out. Then a few days ago, I found out I'm lactose intolerant. So regardless of how the vegan week goes, I won't be having dairy anymore. Which makes me sad, because I love cheese and sour cream is one of my favorite things on Earth! But I will deal, and I'm hoping now I won't be feeling so yucky after my meals anymore.
So over the next week or so, I'll most likely be sharing some of the recipes I make and posting updates to how the diet is going. Mostly just to give myself some accountability.

Anyone else tried a vegan diet or are vegan? I would love some links to recipes, encouragement, tips, etc.
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
xoxo - Jillian

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  1. I recently started living a lactose- free lifestyle myself. After going off all dairy for a month or more I found lots of real dairy lactose-free products on the regular grocery store shelves! Hy-Vee has their own LF milk, but there's a brand called Lactaid which makes milk, cottage cheese, ice cream ( I've yet to find this one) and a few other products, check their website for more info. Plus yo plait just stared selling LF yogurt, I am so excited about this one! Plus you can try Kefir, which is sold in a couple of different forms, it is really just a grain which breaks down the lactose enzyme in dairy for you. When all else fails, I pop a lactaid pill (best buy at Costco, but can be found anywhere) before eating a smallish amount of dairy - like cheese on a sandwich. The lactaid pill gives you the enzyme you're missing to break down lactose for you. I take them even if I'm not sure if there is dairy in my meal, like at a restaurant. Good luck, I hope this helps!

    1. That is super helpful! I will have to check that Lactaid out, for sure. I don't drink milk at all and hardly ever use it anyway, so that wasn't a big deal, but I was so sad to think I wouldn't be able to have icecream anymore. I did buy some pills just for those kinds of occasions, so we'll see how they do after the vegan week is over with. Thanks for the tips!

  2. You always have beautiful photos.

  3. you didn't want to try vegetarian first? i think vegan is a big jump, but i guess if it is just for a week thats not too bad. best of luck to you! hope to hear a post on how your week went :)

    take some photos of your meals!

    - sarah -

  4. Be strong girl! That has to be so hard! You look great. I love these pics.



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