November 07, 2012

Leather + Feather Hair Tie

When I was little I saw an adorable little Indian girl wearing things like this (although, much more elaborate) on her pig tail braids. I wanted my own so badly. I've bought a few in the past and made a few. They are extremely easy to make and I hope to make a fancier once soon enough.
Take a small piece of leather and either poke, or burn holes into the sides. Take a leather strip and run it through the holes. Then you can add things to the ends like feathers, beads, any sort of pretty trinkets you like.
To wear it, you just loosen the strip, slide it onto the end of your hair and then tighten and tie closed. It looks much prettier than just a pony tail, don't you think?
xoxo - Jillian

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  1. I love this! I will definitely be doing this and adding some beads/feathers, etc. Do you have any recommendations for good places to get leather for doing these sorts of crafts?

    1. Thanks, Meg! I usually buy most of my leather either from Hobby Lobby, they have great bags of remnants, or from a website called Crazy Crow Trading Post.


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