November 21, 2012

Bull Skull from The Nautical Owl

I had been racking my brain for a creative piece for a headboard for the longest time. I really wanted to use a bull skull, but I real one just wouldn't be big enough. So I commissioned my good friend Megan from The Nautical Owl to create one for me. She started doing pyrography (wood-burning) about a year ago and her skills have improved outrageously quickly! This thing is pretty giant. About 4 feet across. And she put in several hours over several weeks into this project. It was fun to challenge her with something so big; this is the biggest project for her to date. But it turned out so great and I was so excited to put it over our bed! If you are looking for a cool pyrography project for your home, I highly recommend her. She has some pre-made stuff on her Etsy shop, but she loves to do custom work.

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  1. This is incredibly beautiful! Your friend is so talented.

    <3 Melissa


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