November 03, 2012

Artist Feature - Gypsies Caravan

I'm am absolutely in love, love, love with Rebeca's work. Not only is it stunning, but it has a lot of soul and passion behind it. So I wanted to find out a little bit more about her and her work...

My business started out in February 1, 2011.  It was a process, an exploration of myself, drawing from my love of ancient tribes.  It has been a journey, a melting pot of experiences,
of readings, truths, and facts.  A journey of finding myself, understanding myself, and accepting myself, and the world we live in.  Through lose in my past year I have grown strength
and understanding in myself, and came to the realization that I can not fix the world, but I can help carry on old traditions of our ancestors, with my animal totems to guide me, and if I bring joy to another
another, then my mission is complete.  I get joy in the creation process, it is meditation for me, I get lost in it, it evolves over days, sometimes weeks for a piece to become its final state. 

I am inspired by nature, tribes both old and new, and the world that surrounds me.........I am a student in this life, always learning.

Native Americans have always fascinated me, their courage, their strengths  their wisdom.  I learned in my adults years that I actually have Cherokee on my fathers side, and my mom is from Spain where I was born.  So I have been surrounded by inspiration my whole life, an old soul people always say.  So a little over a year ago my creative process manifested, it evolved.  I actually was always a big fighter against killing anything ALL my life, and one day my husband and I went on a drive to go digging, fossil hunting, in the river.  It is about a 2 hour drive along the Florida country roads.....we saw a numerous amount of dead animals-road kill.  As always it deeply saddened me, and I came to a realization, and then the preserving process began.  So my husband and I save these spirits, and they live on in my creations, and are shared for others to enjoy on their journeys for guidance.  So my husband has learned and self taught himself and I to skin, tan and preserved bones, and hides/furs.  I also am gifted from friends and hunters hides, and such to use in my creative process.  Self taught to work with leather, wood carving, and has manifested, and I look forward to each day that I learn more on my journey of life.

My advice do I have for others, to always follow their hearts, you may not always know or understand what your path is, but it will always find you and shine light when you will understand it most. So be patient, and never allow negative
energies to detour you, their will always be road blocks on your journey, test I call them, but with faith in yourself, you will conquer all obstacles.

Thank you so much Rebeca, for sharing you story with us! I plan to own lots of her jewelry in the future! Check out her shop here!
xoxo - Jillian

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  1. Does this artist have a website or an etsy? I'd love to see more of her stuff!

    1. Meg, yes! I added that information at the bottom! Her stuff is absolutely stunning.


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