October 08, 2012

Life Lately

 It's been an extremely trying week with the car accident, dealing with insurance, taking care of a super sore husband... but vacation truly starts today! And even with all of that mess to deal with, the silly little things make it all easier to handle without ripping my hair out.
And to soothe my soul even more, I will drown myself in some poetry. Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite poets, Ben Lerner.

For I was afraid
                to turn
left at intersections.
For I was in a turning lane.
For I was signaling,
despite myself,
                the will to change.
For I could not throw my voice

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and added ur widget to my blogroll! Hope, you're fine with that?!
    Im really sorry for you to deal with all that crab right now. Hope your hubby is gonna get better soon!

    Betty from http://ajourneythroughlife4.blogspot.de/


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