September 14, 2012

Tinfoil Curls

If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you've heard me complain about my super straight, will-not-curl hair. I'm always looking for different ways to curl it that might be better than the next. A friend showed me this process and I was super skeptical. For one thing, wouldn't it take longer than what the end result is worth? Well, the answer to that question was a "kinda, yeah". But honestly, these are some of the best curls I've gotten. Better than a curling iron, better than rollers and even better than paper towels! The turned out beautifully, without any weird crinkling that you get from rollers. It did take longer than curling with an iron, but not a ton. I would highly recommend trying it if you have trouble curling your hair, or even if you don't! But, I would only suggest it for occasions where you have the time to set aside...and the tinfoil.
Has anyone else tried this? Did you like it?
xoxo - Jillian
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