September 09, 2012

In My Own Skin

Outfit Details: Tank-Target, Sarong-Handmade, Cardigan-Forever21, Necklace- C/O The Gypsies Caravan
First off, I have to say I've found my new favorite necklace. This beautiful animal tooth necklace I received from The Gypsies Caravan is the most beautiful thing I've worn in quite awhile. I absolutely love it and will most likely be wearing it nearly everyday.
Ok, ever since I'd been dealing with this Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I've been in pain, I've been sad, I've not been myself. At some point, it became a terrible cycle, where I would be sad about it, then I would get mad that I was letting it get me sad. Ridiculous how your brain works sometimes, eh? Well, sometime this past week, I got some inspiring words from a good friend and after that I sorta just said to myself "Hey, you stop it. You never let stuff get to you like this and you're being silly. It could be a lot worse, you know!" So after a little self-scolding and some self-understanding (because you can't be too hard on yourself over emotions you can't always control)  I've been feeling like myself again, and it feels wonderful.
xoxo - Jillian
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  1. Your outfit is lovely! About polycystic ovaries, usually your doc can put you on something to keep them somewhat in check. For me it doesn't entirely prevent them but keeps them from getting big and reduces the amount. I hear you about the emotion thing. I am very easy going and never yell..... EVER. I was out with my sis and she mentioned that I should lose weight so I would actually look ok in jeans. Usually I ignore her but that day I had a cyst about to rupture so I screamed (like horror movie style) then told her to stick her head in an unpleasant place and... a few more things. I scared myself that day but you learn to deal with fluctuating emotions and pain. A wrap around rice sock feels like heaven!

    1. Thanks Sara! Yeah, I've realized since dealing with this, that there are a lot of other girls also dealing with it and it's been so nice hearing their advice and support. I just had a cyst rupture last week and I thought I was dying. And when I wasn't crying, I was yelling and I did not like it. But I've been on pain meds and have been writing a lot about it and that seems to help quite a bit.
      - Jillian


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