September 27, 2012

Dream Catcher/Glasses Display

You may not know, because I hardly ever where my glasses, but I am blind as a bat. I mean, I can't drive a car without contacts or glasses blind. And even though I don't where glasses on a regular basis, I do like to where them at night after I take my contacts out.
The problem is, I lose them all the time. Which is not good. So I decided to make something that might help me keep them in one place so I don't lose them!
I got a quilting hoop and wrapped some yarn around the inside hoop, hot gluing it to the sides. I glued some leather strips with feathers and bone beads on the ends and then placed the inner hoop back into the outer hoop. I hung it up on the wall in my bathroom and hopefully now I won't lose my glasses all the time...although, I probably still will. Sheesh.
xoxo - Jillian

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  1. What a super sweet idea! No more lost glasses :) love that bright yellow yarn xo L


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