September 13, 2012

Button Sarong | DIY

So I had this giant piece of fabric lying in my art room just begging to be made into something. It's not the most generous fabric to work with as far as sewing goes, so I was trying to think of something that takes as little sewing as possible, which makes for a great DIY, because it's just a few hand stitches and you're done! Now if you use 100% cotton fabric, you'll need to hem the bottom to make sure it doesn't fray, but I used this spandex material that doesn't fray, so I just cut it and was done with it.
It was difficult to display the process on this project, because the piece of fabric was sooo big, that if I focused on details, it was hard to tell what parts of the fabric those details pertained to. So the first process photo I put some text that told you where the two holes and buttons went to make this skirt work. It's actually painfully simple, it just might not look like it.
You'll need to measure this first on your own waist to see where the holes and buttons should go, but you'll have two buttons on each side and then a hole for each toward the middle of the fabric. That's really all there is. Wrap it around your waist, button and wear!
What a great Fall skirt! I plan on wearing this on a lot of lazy clothing days.
xoxo - Jillian

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  1. This is lovely! NEW FOLLOWER!! :D Awesome blog!

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