September 20, 2012

Blue Suede Shoes

I'm so excited about these new teal moccasins I got from Target over the weekend! I'll probably have them worn out by next Spring.
What I'm not excited about is this cold that randomly sprung up on my husband and I. I spent the first half of the week making him soup, getting him medicine and comforting him. The second half of the week will be the opposite time! I woke up with morning with a little scratch in my throat that has turned into full blown yuckiness. I haven't gotten to get much of anything done, and it looks like I won't for a little while longer. Sigh...oh well, at least I have my new shoes, eh?
xoxo - Jillian

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  1. I really love that ring!

    <3 Melissa

  2. I want those shoes!! How cute! And sucky bout the cold.. I freaking caught one too.. IT SUCKS! Hope yours doesn't last long!!!

  3. Your moccasins are so adorable. And I love that first picture of you. Your eyes are such a stunning color.


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