September 23, 2012

Above the Weather

Outfit Details: Shirt - Husband's, Necklace - Handmade, Shoes - Urban Outfitters
As you might already know, my husband and I have both been under the weather for the past week. The most miserable part about it is not feeling sick, it's that I couldn't go outside and enjoy any of this beautifully crisp Fall air. But today we are both feeling much better. Not 100% yet, but so very close that we are going to go frolic outdoors and then go to a birthday party for the best 1 year old we know.
It's going to be a great Sunday, folks! Hope you're out and about enjoying your day as well!
xoxo - Jillian

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1 comment:

  1. I've been so sick lately, so I can absolutely relate. I hope you are feeling much healthier very soon!

    <3 Melissa


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