September 01, 2012

300 Posts!

I can't believe I'm 300 posts deep into this blog. It's almost a whole year old now and this thing is really like my baby. I have gone through many changes since I started it and it has changed along with me. And so far it seems the longer I work on this blog, the more I love working on it. It is a hobby, a therapy and a venting space.  And in celebration of it still being around and people reading it (thank you!) I wanted to share some of my favorite posts so far...
 My very first attempt at a headdress was a learning experience and a half.
This post was fun for me to do, because it's something I do pretty often and I thought the tips could be helpful to other lovely ladies with hair that just will no keep a curl from a curling iron.
I was in need of a headboard for our bed, but not able to make one at the time, so instead I made this wall art to hold me over until I could make something bigger.
I found some old projector slides from when I was applying to art schools. I realized I could use them as some pretty awesome lens filters!
This DIY was so much fun, because I got to use my power drill! Easy and cheap DIY.
My trip to Austin was one of my favorite parts of this Summer and a dream for someone who likes to snap photos.
 This is probably one of my very favorite photo shoots I did all Summer, featuring my lovely friends Taylor and Andrew.

I just want to say thank you so much to you guys for reading this blog. I means so much to me. Even though I don't feel super insightful...
xoxo - Jillian
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