August 07, 2012

Leather-Bound Journal | DIY

For this project you need, paper, two pieces of thick card stock, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, leather strip, and a drill.
Glue your scrapbook paper to your two pieces of card stock and let it dry. Then glue all of your sheets of paper together at the seam and then weight down with something heavy and let it dry. I kept mine under weight overnight. After it's good and dry, drill your holes in the side and then weave your leather into it. This could make a great gift. I'm actually planning on making one for Ross. He works in the hair industry as his day job, but he is a writer and musician at heart and he recently lost his old journal with a bunch of his writing in it. Poor guy has torn the place apart looking for it. A new journal won't get his writing back, but maybe it will inspire him to start over.
Have fun making your own journal!
xoxo - Jillian

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  1. This is an awesome idea I can never find journals I like!

  2. Wow, that looks so lovely!



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