August 10, 2012

Easy High-Waisted Skirt Tutorial

 You'll have to take measurements to see how much fabric you actually need. I actually found one of those rolls of fabric at Jo-Ann's and it ended up being the perfect amount of fabric for me. All you have to do is fold your length of fabric in half so it makes a square, then cut diagonally in toward the top. Take the now four pieces you have from the sides and turn them upside down to make your skirt shape. Sew all of the pieces together and then sew in your elastic in the top.
Like the photobomb?
You know, I'm actually pretty darn happy with how this skirt turned out, because it's the first actual skirt I've ever made. I've been practicing sewing in the hopes that I can eventually make my own dress. I also want to make a sarong, so maybe that's something that will end up on the blog in the future!
xoxo - Jillian

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