August 30, 2012

Cat Lounger

 For this cuddly little project you'll need: fabric, sewing machine or needle and thread, cotton stuffing, and fabric glue...oh and maybe a cat or other furry pet to sleep in this! Cut two pieces of fabric into an oval and sew those together leaving a hole to stuff the cotton into. Sew two pieces of long fabric together, also leaving a hole for cotton for the back rest. Stuff it all with cotton and then hand stitch the holes up. Use fabric glue to connect the back rest to the pillow part of the bed.
I actually made this bed for my smaller cat, because he likes to sleep on the floor next to our bed, while this ball of lard above sleeps on the bed next to me. But apparently she thought I made it for her, and took it over the moment I set it on the floor even though she is oozing off of it. Oh well! At least I know it will get some use. I heart my children.
xoxo - Jillian
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