July 12, 2012

Large Sponsor Introduction

 Miss Matched is a web-based personal shopping and styling service focused on bridesmaids’ attire.
Operating out of Austin, the online platform allows us to extend our services to clients across the state and beyond via video conferencing and email consulting. Following an initial meeting, establishing the mood, colors, number of bridesmaids, budget, and time frame from the bride-to-be or planner, we get to work sourcing a selection of dresses and accessories for approval.
Whether you are a traditional bride, or an ultra-modern, indie bride, we take your taste and create a personalized bridesmaid style.
A valuable resource for a busy bride, who may welcome a little help in the face of so many impending decisions. What’s more, with choices in this particular sector booming, a fresh perspective is a valuable asset in thinking beyond the pale pink sheath cliché.

I'm an Irish, fashion obsessed fifteen year old, born in Manchester, but living in Dublin since I was two. I'm your everyday teenager with a fierce love for Louis Vuitton and Vogue, who aspires to work in both the fashion and the music industry. I started Hannah's Fashion Blog as an outlet to express myself creatively, where I could share the things I love whilst improving my writing skills. According to my family, I will eventually get square eyes due to the amount of time I spend at the computer blogging. I am constantly searching for ways to improve my blog, as I'm a perfectionist, who strives to make her blog the best it can be. 

Growing up on the outskirts of a Kansas City has taught me how to appreciate the nature that surrounds me. Ever since I was a kid, I was saving kittens, or birds, or bugs. My childhood summer's were sunshine-soaked, barefoot and lovely. I dedicate myself to preserve those memories, those that were the most Wild. Free. Honest.

It fascinates me that this world will still continue on, without humans. And, probably better off. But it's important to capture the beauty that's here, while we're still here.

Our world's majestic, revolving beauty keeps my art going, and evolving.

I'm so glad to be working with such an awesome team this month! Thanks you so much for your support. It takes sponsors like you to help keep this blog going and I really appreciate it.  

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