July 08, 2012


How beautiful is this necklace? And I got it at a store I hadn't been into in years, The Icing. I just want to wear it all the time! This tie-dye dress is from Forever 21. I bought it about 4 years ago and refuse to throw it out, because it's jersey knit, stretchy and wonderfully comfortable. I didn't wear much else with it. I thought the necklace made enough of a statement that I didn't need to. Let me just tell you what Ross had to say about this outfit. "You're looking really indian today." Ha! My Cherokee nose sticks around all the time, so I don't know what this means, but it made me laugh.

I actually had an entire day of relaxation yesterday. Ross and I got to see some very good friends we don't get to see often, which was awesome. Today I have several projects to work on, but I get to do them inside in the AC. It's a hot one, my friends. I hope you are all having the best Sunday!
xoxo - Jillian

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  1. Necklace is faaabulous and drops just enough to highlight one's decolletage, which is an extra bonus for me!!

  2. I love this outfit, the dress is so stunning and I'd love to have this necklace, too!


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