July 23, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Planter

For this cute little project you need: A styrofoam ball and styrofoam squares, two different fabrics, a small basket, rope, hot glue, a hook and flowers. I used fake flowers, because it's over 100 degrees here everyday and even if it wasn't I kill flowers like a cat kills mice.
First, cover your styrofoam ball in your two different fabrics, gluing down with hot glue. Then, place your styrofoam squares into the basket and place your flowers into the basket. Lastly, hot glue your rope to the top of your ball and then to each corner of the basket and then place a screw-in hook in the top of the ball. Hang in your favorite spot and enjoy!
You could replace the fake flowers and styrofoam squares with soil and real flowers if your thumb is a little more green than mine. Either way, have fun making your hot air balloon planter!
xoxo - Jillian


  1. this is so darn cute!! i live in an apartment but i want to make one for my mum's front porch! hope you don't mind that i pinned it to my DIY board on pinterest!

  2. How freaking adorable!



  3. Besides special shapes, possibly for marketing purposes, there are several variations on the traditional "inverted tear drop" shape. The simplest, often used by home builders, is a hemisphere on top of a truncated cone.


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