July 22, 2012

Flower Child

Outfit details: Top - Forever 21, Skirt - Thrifted, Necklace - Handmade, Fox Earring - Gifted, Bag - Handmade

I think I'll be short-winded today. It's been another crazy week followed by another crazy weekend. I am dying for it to slow down soon; my batteries can't last much longer. But I will say, with so much going on, I am truly savoring what little free time I have. Or at least trying to. All I want to do is go to a pool and swim, or take a nap. Sorta on opposite ends of the spectrum I guess, but I'll take just about any relaxation I can get at this point! Also, I want to say I'm sorry for complaining about being busy! I feel like I've just been a big, fat Negative Nancy for the last week or two, but at the same time, it's nice to have a place to vent . I think it makes it easier to handle knowing I have a place I can purge my thoughts. So thank you for putting up with me for the moment, lovely readers! You'll never know how much I appreciate it!


  1. Love the mustardy yellow skirt! It is so perfect with that top. That little foxy ear cuff is oh so adorable as well!

    You have such a sweet kind smile and such pretty big green eyes!

  2. hopefully you get soon your deserved time for relax !

    XX luba


  3. Aw, thanks Hillery! And that is so sweet, Luba, thanks for thinking of me!
    - Jillian

  4. Love your ear cuff. And the tree tattoo is awesome!


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