July 02, 2012

Easy Chair Makeover

My friend Megan dressed up one of her own vintage chairs recently with a silk scarf. I thought it was so cute! I don't have any vintage chairs to dress up, but I do have my cat-hair covered, paint-spotted office chair I use at my sewing table. It's pretty beat up and I had plenty of hounds-tooth fabric to class it up a bit! If you have fabric and a staple gun, this job is a breeze. Cut your fabric to go all the way over your seat and back. Fold it over on the bottom and staple! That's about all it takes and it's a quick way to dress up an old, worn down chair. The only thing I did to give it a little extra flair was put a little fabric glue and on a heart-shaped doily and placed it on the back of the chair. Cute, huh?
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xoxo - Jillian

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  1. How cute!!:D
    I will definitely try it, thanks for sharing!! xoxo


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