June 29, 2012

Tattoo Love

So this is another one of my own tattoos. I have several, if you haven't been alble to figure that out, and I'm splitting them up, so you can get one every now and then. This little lady is Ruby the Robot. She likes to roller skate (on the boardwalk, we just haven't given her a background yet) and she likes to paint. She's also waiting for her prince charming, he'll come later as well, on my other calf. My friend Wayne at Heart's of Fire did this little lady for me. This is one of his first as a tattoo artist and one of my least elaborate, but she's one of my favorites. Later on, I'll show you the tree on my back.
Have a tattoo you'd like to show off? Go here and check out the details. I'd love to see your work!
xoxo - Jillian


  1. It is sooo fing cute! I love it :))

  2. Wow...its so cute...!!!Have one too...!!!4 little stars in my left hand..!!!!<3

  3. Love it! Cutest robot ever :-)

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