June 17, 2012

Sunday Funday | Going Green

As you know, I took a trip down to see my parents recently. We went to the North Fork River for a 15 mile canoe trip and on the way back we stopped in Springfield, MO. my old hometown, to stop at one of my favorite local stores, Kaleidoscope. It's an awesome store with cute clothes, hand-made jewelry and bags and always smells deliciously like every flavor of incense you could ever want. I got this cute (and super comfy) green tank there. As for the rest of this outfit, you have my poor ol' worn out hemp boots I got at Urban Outfitters two Summers ago, my homemade two-toned shorts, and this stone necklace (DIY coming soon). 
As for the leather band for my hair...I love wearing these anyway, but at the moment, I'm trying desperately to grow my bangs out. I have had bangs for several years and tried several times to grow them out, always getting too annoyed to continue. But I'm sticking to it this time and I've been wearing a band to hole the short hairs back so I don't go mad.
PS If you're trying to grow your bangs out at the moment as well, here are a couple of posts that have been of great encouragement lately. 


  1. I'm trying to grow my bangs out at the moment as well!! So funny! Thanks for the links:)

  2. I love the shorts you're wearing!


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